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Welcome to Glee Events and Promotions
Our comprehensive planning services will ensure that your wedding, corporate, or private function supersedes your expectations! Special occasions such as weddings offer a single opportunity to orchestrate a dream of which the memories last a lifetime. At Glee Events we endeavour to hit all the right notes, to ensure that your wedding day is perfect... We will seamlessly integrate your ideas and your budget, transforming it into an unforgettable masterpiece!

Our business ethos puts our clients and their needs at the top of our priority list. Allow us to do all the hard work, while you enjoy your event and mingle with your guests. Contact us for your next event, and the next and the next! We will ensure that your event is "delightfully elegant."

About Us
 Glee Events is an event planning company that started with a vision- a vision to inspire and re-create an entire new world and way of doing events. When Glee started as a brain child the main motivation behind my reasoning was to make sure that this company is uniquely different from any other event planning company. The way we work and the way we deal with our clients.

I was truly inspired by a couple one day and on their wedding day they were truly the happiest couple I have ever seen, merely because of the joy and happiness and depth that lie in ones soul while entering into a covenant with your soul mate. On that day I realized that the last thing a couple needs on this special day is to be stressed out about the finer details of your wedding day. We want to make sure that your wedding day will be as unique as you are.

On your wedding day, it's a day that you celebrate the people in your life; people that imparted in your life as a couple and people that will continue to have an influence in the future. We want to make sure that you have a dream wedding and still celebrate the important people in your life.

We strive to keep our clients happy and involved every step of the way.